About Natures Best With Tess

Hey! My name is Tessa and I created Natures Best With Tess! I am turning 30 this May (2021) and I am a stay at home mom to three littles, 5, 2 and 3. I live in the beautiful PNW or if you don't know what that is, Washington. 

I have been in the essential oil world almost 10 years now, every year learning more and more! They have become a passion of mine and I absolutely love the depth they have given my family. 

Eight years ago I opened up an essential oil Co-Op and dove deeper into the world of oils. I have spent my time properly educating about how to use safely and the wonders of them. Essential oils can be hazardous and should be used with absolute care. They can cause harm like most things in the world if used incorrectly. 

About six years ago I started selling Body Scrubs and Body butters

Then three years ago, when I was pregnant with baby #3 I really dove into making all kinds of products for my family.

I always hated not knowing what ingredients were in products and I knew a lot of the products sold in stores are toxic. We have been chemical free for years and I just wanted to make something we could actually afford and that worked! Organic products are SO expensive and most of the time they. do. not. work. They just don't. I always find hidden alcohols or other things that have no reason to be there. 

The last three years I only sold my products within my Co-Op and they sold so well I just kept expanding and making more products. Not only that but I had people asking me for certain things. Drain Essential Oil Blend, for instance, was made for a friends mom looking for relief from lymph nodes that just wouldn't drain. 

Almost every item I make was made with the intention of helping someone. 

Last Nov (2020) I decided to grab my business license and really go for it. I work closely with a cranialsacral therapist, who has been using my pain balm on her clients the last several years with a lot of success. She has helped shape my business and where it's going. I am starting to dabble in wholesale so if you are reading this and are interested in that please feel free to contact me. I have been focusing on Chiropractors, massage therapists and naturopaths so far. 

I have 3 major rules I follow. Perhaps it is more of a code.

1) Transparency. I want you to know EVERYTHING you are about to use on your skin. It is imperative to me that you have all of the information because that is the way it should be, always. I can't get everything organic but I do my best, no matter what you get a great quality. Which leads me to...

2) Quality. This is an absolute with any materials I purchase to create products. I won't use something that I wouldn't use (and I have high standards haha)

3) SAMPLES!! I think samples are a must!!! Please feel free to contact me for samples or add them to your cart!! Everyone is different and their bodies are going to respond differently. This is not a one size fits all kind of shop. This is a "hey, this doesn't work for me, what else have you got to offer?" kind of place. 

I LOVE to work one on one with people to find relief from issues. Please feel free to contact me so we can find something that works for YOU. 

It is my goal in life to help others who don't know or have any other options. I see people with skin conditions like eczema who are embarrassed and a lot of the times miserable. Or people who struggle with chronic pain. I see myself as a modern day healer. I may not have any fancy degrees but I know and understand the plants I use. Honestly I learn more about them every time I go research a new thing. This is an evolving knowledge, as I grow in it my products also do too. I update recipes to make them better. 

From my amazing chiropractor to my magical cranialsacral therapist (who are both women) I have wound my way through a lot of amazing natural remedies and cures for things. I just want to be a hero like these amazing women I have found that have seriously helped heal my family from a variety of things. It's my turn to give back to the world and offer knowledge and care so that you and your family and friends can live a better life. 

So here I am. Tessa, stay at home mama of 3 littles, taking on a new venture of becoming a business owner. I am so glad you are here, if you have any questions please contact me. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram 

Most products such as raw materials and essential oils are purchased through https://www.newdirectionsaromatics.com/ if you are ever in search of documentation on products I use feel free to ask or look for yourself. Like I said before, I am transparent with my business.